Apple has updated iTunes to version 11 bringing with a number of updates and new feature. Once such feature which is currently available in the U.S. is the ability to redeem iTunes gift card using the camera on your computer.

Like many modern gift vouchers iTunes gift cards come with a very long unique code which must be entered in order to redeem the value. Apple are looking to speed up this process by letting users simply hold their gift card up to the camera allowing their computer to read the code. While this may not be the biggest breakthrough of the century it is a novel approach to a frustrating problem.

iTunes 11 Camera Redeem

We are pleased to see Apple investing in new ways to make gift cards easier to redeem but they are not stopping there!

Apple have also started selling variable denomination gift cards in the U.S. These multi variable cards allow shoppers to load the gift cards with any custom amount they choose at the checkout. Previously gift cards were only available in limited denominations. These custom value gift cards are something we definitely hope catch on with retailers here in the U.K.

iTunes gift cards make fantastic gifts for anyone who has an iPod, iPhone or iPad. Find out how to buy your iTunes vouchers online at our iTunes gift card page.