Uber Eats Gift Card
Can be used: Online.

Uber Eats Gift Cards are a great way to reward people and give the gift of food, who doesn't love receiving free food? You can send our Uber Eats Gift card instantly via email, SMS, even print out and tuck in a greeting card or have them delivered directly to your inbox. They can also be used alongside Discount and Uber Eats promo codes to make great food and great savings. Use them as customer rewards or even to say thank you to your employees. How to use Uber Eats Gift Card? To add your Uber Gift Card, head to the app and tap the menu icon and select Wallet. Then click to Add Funds, select gift card and enter your gift code (no spaces). How to check your Uber Eats balance? You can view your Uber credit balance by selecting Payment from the menu. Your credit amount is displayed in the currency the credit was issued in. How to send Uber Eats Gift Cards? When purchasing your Ubereats Gift Card, you can enter the email address of who you want to receive your gift. If you enter their email, this will be instantly delivered to them with a personalised message.


Digital eGift Card - print and gift yourself or we’ll email it directly to the giftee with a personalised message.

Bulk Buying

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Important Information

  • Uber Eats eGift Cards are non-refundable.
  • Uber Eats eGift Cards can be used online.
  • Uber Eats eGift Cards can't be used in-store.
  • Uber Eats eGift Cards can't be used via Phone.