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It is easy and hassle-free to send a Starbucks gift card via our online platform, they make great rewards for staff and customers. It is even a great way to invite someone for a coffee to get their attention. Starbucks Gift Vouchers can be sent instantly via email, SMS text or printed out and popped in a greetings card. A Starbucks eGift Card is the quickest way to make someone feel special. The perfect present for birthdays, thank you's, or any occasion. Everyone likes to receive Starbucks. They can be redeemed instantly in-store against both food and drinks. Where to use Starbucks Gift Cards? Starbucks Gift Cards can be used in any participating store in the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, and the Republic of Ireland. When do Starbucks Gift Cards expire? Starbucks Gift Cards do not have an expiration date. Any value on these cards will remain until spent. How to send Starbucks Gift Card? It is really easy to send a Starbucks Gift Card with GiftsVouchers. When purchasing the card with us you can add the email address of the recipient you want to receive it, and send it straight to them. How to activate Starbucks Gift Card? Your Starbucks Gift Card will be activated immediately after purchase. How to check Starbucks Gift Card balance? Visit the Starbucks Card Balance page at www.starbucks.com/card. Here you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the card information, here you can check the balance of your card. How to add Starbucks Gift Card to app? Open the Starbucks App and tap to add a gift card. Here you can transfer the balance to your app.

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