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About Kocktail Gift Cards

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We’ve all got that one friend who thinks of themselves as the token mixologist at the party, the one who exclusively drinks cocktails and knows the difference between shaken and stirred, and we guarantee they’re sure to love this gift card from Kocktail! 

This tantalizing gift will take the laborious effort out of mixing! Crack open Kocktail’s freshly, pre-mixed bottles and they can enjoy their favourite tipple in an instant. Mixed by professional bartenders, you can be assured these sensational cocktails will provide a world class taste! What’s even better is that they receive a surprise selection of all of their top picks from Gin Negroni and Margaritas, to Espresso Martinis and Cosmopolitans too, delivered directly to their door. They may even discover a new favourite! Each box also includes a garnish for each drink and “Story Behind The Serve cards” giving your giftee the full mixology experience from the comfort of their own home. 

Go on, treat them to a cheeky surprise cocktail box with a Kocktail Gift Card!


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Kocktail Gift Card