Zombie Battle London

The experience takes place in a decommissioned nuclear bunker riddled with Zombies. It is up to you and your team to surpress the threat of Zombie-mania spreading through the capital city. If this is your first Zombie fighting experience then you will probably need some training. Luckily their is a team of highly qualified Zombie killing professionals on hand to ensure you do end up Zombie dinner.

Weapons, ammo and kit will all be provided, but you will have to provide your own courage as you will be expected to take on the undead in a 3.5 hour Zombie-Fest. Throughout the experience you and your team will be given various mission to protect your base and repel the oncoming threat of flailing Zombe arms.

This Zombie Survival Experience also makes a great gift for any wannabe Zombie hunter you know. If you are buying as a gift you can choose to post your voucher in a free gift box or email it instantly. Killing Zombies is also great fun in large groups, mainly because it lowers your chances of being Zombie chowder. We recommend Zombie battles for birthday celebrations, stag do's and gory get togethers, but be warned these Zombies have been known to make mince meat of up to 20 grown men and women. You have been warned!

Don't believe us, then watch the drama unfold in this video below.

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