Save The Children Wishlist Gifts

Or maybe you’d like to choose a gift which will take care of less fortunate newborn babies, your money can provide a baby with a simple hat and blanket to keep them warm or a No Child Born To Die survival kit, which will protect a child against deadly diseases such as measles and polio. There are also gifts which provide families with the means to earn a living, such as a gardening pack or a goat. Save The Children Wish List Gifts are a fantastic idea for those people who are difficult to buy for, as they have all they could want or need. You are giving the recipient the chance to do a good deed, whilst taking care of children who are in much greater need. When you order a Save The Children Wish List Gift, your chosen recipient will receive a personalised gift card and poster explaining which gift you purchased on their behalf, and the difference it will make. You can choose to have this sent directly to the recipient, or you can receive it yourself to give in person at a later date. Alternatively, you can choose to send an e-card to the recipient explaining the gift and how it will be used, which is an easier, more eco-friendly way to give this amazing gift.

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