Oxfam Unwrapped Gifts

If you know someone who would get more enjoyment out of helping someone less fortunate rather than an Oxfam unwrapped gift is a fantastic choice. There are a range of gifts which can be chosen each of which makes an impact on someones lives.

For only £5 you can give someone a share in a African farm yard, a great gift for kids who love animals. This gift helps people in the village of a Mwabayanda, Tanzania expand the size of their chicken flocks.

Sounds impossible but through Oxfam Unwrapped you could even give the gift of a goat. This one gift produces milk to drink and sell and helps fertilize crops. For only £25 this gift can really make a difference to someones life.

These are just a few examples of how charity gift can change lives so please check out Oxfam Unwrapped to see how you can help.

Customise your chosen gift card or e-card and have it sent or e-mailed, it really is that simple. Oxfam Unwrapped send the gift card or voucher telling the recipient what they have been gifted and how it will help someone’s life.

You will be redirected to the retailers website to complete the transaction.