My Favourite Magazines Gift Subscription

The beauty of a magazine gift subscription is that it is a gift which keeps giving, depending on the length of the subscription the recipient will be reminded of this thoughtful gift with each issue that is delivered. A subscription also offers fantastic value for money as they are often up to 33% off the shop price.

If you are unsure about which magazine to choose, don’t worry! The subscriber can switch to another magazine at any point during the subscription period. They can even put the subscription on hold if they are planning on a holiday or will be away from home when they would normally receive an issue.

A gift subscription is a truly versatile gift that is perfect for any occasion. How about a surprise birthday subscription for a car fanatic? Or a unique genealogy magazine subscription for somebody who is on the road to tracing their family tree? This gift subscription truly is a thoughtful gift, and if you like to be super organised you can choose the start of the subscription package months ahead of your chosen date!

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