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Attending a corporate event and want to bring some real attention to your brand? It may be one of the oldest tricks in the book but promotional giveaways work just as well now as they did 20 years ago. 

Everyone loves a freebie, right? So just having something interesting for your audience to take home with them is sure to garner some interest and get people talking. You just want to make sure that the gifts you’re giving stand out effectively. 

If done well, using promotional event giveaways will do everything from boosting brand awareness and increasing social media followers to uplifting website traffic. If someone is carrying around some merch with your brand name on, people are sure to ask what it’s all about. 

Why not use your freebies in exchange for participation, attendance or even customer reviews or referrals? Setting them a small task in exchange for a giveaway will guarantee traction.

Whatever your budget, you can make corporate giveaways work for you. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered with 11 corporate event gift ideas that are certain to attract an audience and ensure they remember your company name when they leave....

Life Saving Power Banks


There is nothing worse than getting caught short on phone battery, especially when you’re using it to do work on, contact important clients, or using it as a sat nav to get to that all important meeting. If you’ve got a bit more budget to spare, this idea sure is ingenious and you can guarantee it’ll be used well and not just chucked to one side after the corporate event. Trust us, there’s always someone guaranteed to be running low on charge, so you can be sure the power bank featuring that all important branding will be seen by multiple eyes over time. If you find that it’s too expensive to buy multiple power banks, why not run a prize draw by getting your audience to complete a survey or enter a competition? Trust us, it’s a treat that everyone is sure to want. 

Giveaway A Gift Card

Giveaway a gift that they’ll definitely use and really want. Your audience is sure to engage with your brand when there are gift cards on offer! Whether you want to giveaway a gift card as part of a big prize draw, or bulk buy a number of gift cards to give away on the day, a freebie such as this is sure to draw an audience. Browse gift cards for business and choose between an expansive range of popular brands. There’s something to suit every client type from Deliveroo vouchers to ASOS vouchers, Just Eat gift cards and more. This way your audience gets to spend their credit on something they really want. What’s even better is that these gift cards can be sent straight to their inbox hassle-free too, so there’s no need to lug around an impractical box of physical plastic cards. 

Marvellous Mugs

You’d be pushed to find a person who wouldn’t like a free mug. Many professionals can’t get by without their morning coffee or tea club, so you can guarantee a free mug is a great one for keeping your audience hydrated at their desks. Adding your logo or a company slogan is a great way to catch people’s eyes in the break room too. 

Let's Giveaway Lanyards 

You can’t beat a lanyard for consistent advertisement. Your giftee is sure to use it to keep everything from their keys to their office ID passes safe and to hand as they walk about their office day to day. Add your brand design, the more exciting the better - it will be part of their outfit after all, and it’ll turn into the ideal endorsement while serving as a practical gift for them too.

Sweet Treats 

Everyone loves a good sweet treat, so why not offer up some biscuits, cakes, or chocolates decorated with your logo or brand colours? There’s nothing like free food and once your delicious looking treats start to catch eyes, you can be assured that everyone will want to know where they're from. 

Why not grab their attention with a tasty treat from a big brand? Once they spot a freebie from a famous bakery they all know and love, they're sure to come flocking. Bulk buy a Greggs voucher or Krispy Kreme gift card and they can choose between mouth-watering doughnuts, cookies and even savory selections at their leisure. It’s a great way to ensure footfall. 

Tempting T-Shirts 

If your brand is well known with a loyal following, it’s definitely worth getting some t-shirts printed. You could include everything from your logo to brand colour and could even add a funny or relatable slogan. Giving them away to loyal customers who will wear them out and about is a sure fire way to get your brand name out there.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are always a great option for promotional event giveaways. More and more people are using reusable bottles these days to stay hydrated on-the-go and to reduce waste. They’re also a must-have for the gym too. What’s even better is that there’s both affordable and more expensive options to choose from. Add built-in diffusers and straws or perhaps spend a little more and buy an insulated option. Giving away popular designs ensures that they’re more likely to be used often and will guarantees consistent advertising for your brand. 

Stress Less Stress Balls 

We all get a little stressed from time to time and a little wellness help can go a long way. Help them to let go of their daily pressures with a stress ball that they can take out their frustrations on. Why not make up self-care packs that include them or bag a bunch to give out? 

You Need Umbrellas 

If there’s one thing that can be guaranteed in Britain it’s bad weather, so why not arm them with an umbrella to keep them dry on their way to work? Make sure to buy a good quality one though, you don’t want that all important logo running off with the rain. 

Staple Stationery 

Everyone needs stationery, right? Whether it’s pens, notebooks, or sticky notes, a stationery set is certain to come in handy! We’ve all seen those company branded pens about the house and office as they’re forever getting passed around, making them great exposure for your brand name.  

You Totally Need Some Tote Bags 

When it comes to corporate gifts for events, tote bags are a tote-ally great idea! Thanks to the nation moving to be more environmentally friendly and paid for plastic bags in shops, your audience is sure to love grabbing this reusable gift. Opt for a canvas option and it's not only great for the environment but they can be made pretty cheaply too. 

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