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Employee Appreciation Day is fast coming up and if you’re keen to show your staff just how much you appreciate their hard work this year, you’ll definitely want to check out our top tips for how to show your staff you care on the 5th March, in lockdown, and all year round. 

Why is it important to show appreciation?

Showing your workers that you care is super important and not just for their own self-confidence. It will also have a positive impact upon your business too.

Think about it, if you show your staff you are invested in them as people and not just an outlet for upping your figures, you’re likely to have trust inbuilt onto your company’s foundation and a much happier workforce. On a personal level, would you want to work hard for someone who doesn’t say thanks and treats you like a worker bee? 

A positive workforce in turn boosts productivity, decreases your staff turnover as more workers will be willing to stay and grow, and also improves brand reputation as well. People who are proud to work for your company will likely shout about it to their friends, giving your workplace a 5 star name, resulting in others wanting to get in on the action as well. 

How can I show my staff I value them this Staff Appreciation Day? 

Feed them 

First up, feed them! Rewarding your staff with food always goes down a treat and organising something fun to look forward to like a pizza day, a coffee morning, or takeaway on a Friday is sure to give them something positive to work towards.

Or, why not surprise them with some sweet treats like doughnuts, boxes of chocolates, or ice creams in the summer? They’re sure to bring a buzz about the office in the middle of a long, busy day and not to mention they’ll make a great 3pm pick me up too! 

Employee of the week!


This one may seem a little old fashioned but it’s a classic because it works. Get yourself a small trophy, it can be a humorous homemade number or something more sparkly and official. Once a week/ month you can present the employee of the moment with their award in front of their colleagues so everyone can recognise their achievements.

When everyone is so busy in corporate environments, it may sometimes feel like colleagues don’t notice one another’s work ethic, so it’s good to highlight achievements and remind staff that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Buy Gift cards/ codes in bulk!

Arguably one of the easiest and most effective ways of gifting your staff is with a gift card or an e-gift code. There’s loads of perks as to why these should be favoured over physical money; they can be tax free up to £50, you can buy them in bulk rather than having to deposit money into each person’s account, and it reduces the hassle and time of individual gifting.

It also gives your staff the unique opportunity to choose their reward themselves. Whether that be with a Just Eat egift code for their weekend takeaway, theatre gift vouchers, or a stylish new outfit from their favourite fashion retailer, the choice is theirs! 

Express gratitude on social media 

Why not take to cyberspace and hype up an individual or your team on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn feed? A public display such as this will show your industry, competitors and workers that you’re so proud of your staff you want people near and far to hear about it. 

Reward them with extra days off 

How do you reward your staff for the long hard hours that they work? Well, reward them with some of that time back! For someone who works really hard, extra time to themselves or spent with loved ones is really precious, so why not gift them a day for hitting that big target or securing that must-have client? 

Plan team events 

Sometimes it can seem like the big guys in the company are a little displaced from the rest of the staffing but by spending more time with your workers you can show them that you’re on their level and interested about them as people too. 

How about organising a post work trip to the pub and buying them a pint or planning a staff meal? Social events such as these give both parties a chance to communicate and get to know one another on a personal level and heighten the respect, understanding and appreciation for one another.

Celebrate birthdays

Birthdays at work can be a bit pants so why not make their day by treating the office to cake so everyone can celebrate the special day together? It’s sure to make them smile and they’ll be touched that you remembered too. 

If you want to make a lasting impression of your gratitude, why not gift them a day's holiday to use on a date of their choosing? They’ll be mega thankful for some extra time to celebrate with their loved ones or as a means for a lengthier holiday. 

Wellness programmes 

Wellness programmes and fitness perks are fast becoming much more popular these days in corporate workplaces and it’s because employees just love them! Treating them to a massage on their lunch break or a yoga or fitness class can be really beneficial not only to your staff’s wellbeing and mental health but also to their drive. 

Wellness programmes are getting super creative these days and you can even reward your staff based on their step count! Encouraging and challenging them to go for walks on their breaks and in their spare time is great for team building and for some healthy competition, as well as keeping your staff feeling fit and reducing sickness.

Not only will wellness activities help them to destress but they will make for a far more productive workforce for the remainder of the day and week. 

Give your staff the ability to say thanks to each other

It’s not only important for individuals to feel that their bosses appreciate them but for them to hear that they are appreciated by their coworkers too. Organise a meeting, group chat, or even a virtual staff appreciation via Zoom and give them the opportunity to celebrate each other by talking through what everyone has been up to. This will give the staff an understanding and appreciation for their colleagues’ talents and can spark creative ideas and collaborations. 

Reward staff based on their individual interests 

Sure a blanket present is incredibly thoughtful and sometimes when you’re buying for multiple people it’s necessary but there’s no point in rewarding someone with a crate of beers if they don’t drink is there? If you really want to make them feel great, take the time to find out about their personal interests and buy them a gift that is unique to them. It’s sure to give them the wow factor!

Give your employees a voice 

Avoid staff feeling that they’re not heard by starting up a suggestion box. This option allows your employees to feel as though they can speak freely and raise their views on matters they may not ordinarily feel so confident talking about in person. 

Listening to your staff’s concerns allows you to tackle the root issues within your company and allows you to tap into your employee’s deeper thoughts. This will allow you to improve circumstances and amenities for the wellbeing of your staff and for the good of the company, and shows them that you care about their concerns. 

Don’t miss their anniversaries 

Find out their work anniversary and log it into your calendar so you don’t forget and on the day you could surprise them with a Happy Anniversary and maybe a little treat too; this could be in the form of a sweet treat, an early finish, or a bonus. 

Encourage continuing their education 

Nothing says I appreciate you than helping your staff to better themselves and further their careers. Encourage staff to upskill and continue their education and you’ll find that your workforce is enriched by contented individuals who feel like they’re getting the most out of their job. It also means you will be left with a dedicated staffing who will stick around long term for role progression too. 

Have lunch with your staff 

Sitting down to eat lunch with your employees gives you the opportunity to spark up conversations about how the individual is doing personally and how they are finding their role. This will reassure them that you’re available and ready to listen and will give you the chance to get to know them on a personal level, listen to their goals and aspirations, thus making you appear more relatable.

Simply say thank you 

A gesture doesn't always have to be grand to be meaningful. A simple thank you really does go a long way and can be just as meaningful as any big gesture no matter how lovely. Sometimes just knowing that their hard work has been acknowledged is enough to give them a morale boost. You can either say this in person or leave a surprise post-it note or card on their desk to see when they come in. 

How are you planning on showing your team you appreciate them this Employee Appreciation Day? 

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