Looking for a scarefect or a ghostbusting tour, then below are a list of some great scary attractions happening this hallows eve.

  The London Dungeon


Armed with his giant Wheel of Misfortune and an array of sensory boxes, The Master of Tricks will bamboozle his guest with his wit and games of deception this Halloween. Expect forfeits galore, dastardly dares and sense-ational surprises.

And the trickery does not end there. Once inside the depths of the Dungeons you may be dealt trick or treat cards to determine your fate as you journey through a thousand years of London's dark past. Will you get to ride the front of The Tyrant or will you find yourself in the Torturer’s chair? The cards will be the ones who decide…..

And because it's Halloween expect darker, scarier and altogether more twisted behaviour from the cast of history's most notorious characters. Along your way you’ll meet the fiendish Sweeney Todd, with his evil ‘pumpkin pie making’ Mrs Lovett. Get up close and personal with Jack the Ripper, Guy Fawkes, Henry VIII and a whole host of historical villains and rogues along with some special HALLOWEEN tricks and treats including 2 thrilling rides! BOOK NOW

  Zombie Combat Battlezombieexperience

Bring your favourite scary film or video game to life in this Zombie Combat Battle Experience. You’ll enter a scary world where zombies are attacking the globe and it’s up to you and your crew to save us all before the infection spreads. You’ll arrive at the camp for an important briefing on the situation before being armed with your weapons and preparing for battle. BOOK NOW

London Bridge Experience and London TombsLondonBridgeTombs

If you fancy a good old scare then the London Bridge and Tombs experience is the place to go. With a fully integrated character led journey through history, you can uncover the dark secrets that lie beneath one of the world’s most famous and haunted bridges. You’ll laugh, scream and possibly cry as the re-enactments of well known moments in history unfold before your eyes.

War, fire and plenty of murder, London Bridge has seen it all over the last two thousand years. Once you have seen it all at this experience you can delve deeper and make your way into the Tombs, where for over a thousand years the dead where laid to rest. Down in the Tombs, it’s Halloween every day of the year… you’ll have an experience of education, excitement and fright but you’ll definitely enjoy it. BOOK NOW

  Ghost Hunting for Two

ghosthuntAn ideal gift for anyone with a passion for the paranormal and a strong constitution! This overnight ghost hunt is an extraordinary experience, where you and your guest are invited to join a team of professional paranormal investigators, ghost hunters, and a psychic medium for a night of chills and spills, at your choice of the UK’s most haunted locations. BOOK NOW



 Three Night Stay at Dracula's Castle


This break for two will take you to the heart of Transylvania, the home of Dracula. You will visit the legendary Bran Castle - a fortified outpost which housed Vlad the Impaler from time to time during his reign – as well as the picturesque, crumbling ruins of Rasnov Fortress, which provides stunning panoramic views of Romania. You’ll also be able to explore the charming medieval town of Brasov, before being transferred back to Bucharest via Sinaia and the beautiful Peles Castle, former home of the Royal Family. BOOK NOW