Who wants another pair of socks? Or an ugly jumper that was clearly designed in a very dark room in Eastern China. It is time to start giving gifts that will scare the bejesus out of any friend or foe you know.

It turns out the UK is a crazier place than we first thought, here is our current favourite experience gifts for people who love to live life on the edge.

Zombie Shopping Mall

Zombies have never been so popular, but have you ever had to confront a room full of mutated corpses lurching towards you? If killing zombies in a deserted shopping mall sounds like your perfect night out then we have some good news. The fine people at Wish.co.uk are experts in creating experiences which are guaranteed to give you nightmares. Their zombie shopping mall experience certainly delivers an adrenaline rush and unfortunately for you...zombies can smell adrenaline.

Zombie Shopping Mall ExperienceZombie gift experience

This 4 hour experience is straight from the set of a hollywood movie, you will get to experience game-style missions in apocalyptic surroundings. To out smart the zombies you will have to use teamwork and speed as well as some heavy duty airsoft weapons to ensure you survive un-zombified!

You can find more information on the Zombie Experience from Wish.co.uk.

Central London Bungee Jump

Bungeeeeee! Possibly the very last sound you will hear as you drop 160 feet through the air, but don't worry we are told the views from the top are spectacular. This central London bungee jump is located right next to Tower Bridge, a perfect location to leap off a suspended cage and flail your arms in the air, like you just don't care.

Expect a handshake from London's mayor as you will also be providing free entertainment to thousands of passing tourists. Get ready to take center place in the photo albums of hundreds of Japanese tourists...you crazy westerner!

Central London Bungee JumpBungee Jump Experience Gift

Clearly we are not the only ones who think this would make a great gift. The experience is sold out for the rest of 2012, but don't worry you can book now for 2013.

Learn more about this central London bungee jump from the extreme experience retailers, Extreme Element.

Hostage rescue for two

Who said romance is dead? Why not impress a loved one by showing them how you deal with baddies. This SWAT experience for two people is located in Milton Keynes, the UK's kidnapping hotspot. On second thoughts, maybe bring a friend instead...this testosterone fuelled adventure could get dangerous.

Live a childhood dream by learning how to storm rooms and fire blanks rambo style, all while wearing heavy duty SWAT gear, you are going to look so cool! Once you have been fully trained by an elite squad of professional weapon handlers, your day will conclude with a staged vehicle hold-up. Put all your training to work as you and your team must successfully retrieve a hostage, expect a lot of shouting, gun pointing and some mild confusion.

Hostage Rescue Day ExperienceSWAT gift experience

Get all the details on this Hostage rescue day for two from Red Letter Days.

Single Seater F1 Experience

Do you know what is faster than a two seater car? A one seater car! These things can move and the best part of this experience is you won't have any instructor telling you your doing it wrong. Be one with the car as you fly around corners 50% slower than you think. These cars are designed to hang you centermeters from the tarmac, giving you a driving experience like no other...sound barriers may be broken!

F1 Driving Experience GiftSingle Seater gift experience

This is a is a great gift for any petrol head, they will receive professional advice on racing lines, breaking points and will even learn how to use the secret "go faster button". Available in 8 locations throughout the UK this two hour gift is the ultimate car driving experience.

To book your single seater driving day visit our friends at Buyagift.

The Highest Tandem Skydive in the UK

Put your life in the hands of a compete strange with the UK's highest Tandem skydive. Thankfully these are no ordinary strangers but fully qualified skydiving instructors with years of experience. It turns out there is something even faster than a single seater racing car...it's jumping out of a plane.

We guarantee that launching yourself out of a plane and free falling for 60 seconds will make you forget about the large man strapped to your back. However, you will be grateful he is there when the rope is pulled and you get to enjoy 6 minutes of breath taking views from an unimaginable height.

Skydiving experience giftTandem skydive experience day

This is officially the UK's highest skydive! Not content with jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet some crazy person decided to add 3,000 more feet. That is a total of something in the region of 15,000 feet, you will literally be jumping from the edge of Space, almost.

Hunt down werewolves with AK47s

Let me just say that again, "Hunt down werewolves with AK47s". We are not sure what goes on at the offices of experience company Wish.co.uk, however one thing is for sure, they know how to bring your worst nightmares to life. This is an overnight experience which promises little or no sleep because for one night you will be hunting werewolves and the werewolves will be hunting you. Expect some surprises from the shadows as you and your team do their best to keep those fury friends at bay.

Werewolves experience dayWolfmen gift experience

The Werewolf experience is brand new and we think it would make a very unique gift for any lover of large grizzly man beasts.

Top Gun Experiece

Join the likes of "Mavrick", "Iceman" and "Goose" by becoming a legend of the skies. Expect the admiration from legions of fans as you step into the cockpit of the most exciting aerobatic aircraft in the world, the $280,000 Extra 300. This is no ordinary plane it is the "Extra 300" and it flies upside down.

Unfortunately the picture below is misguiding as you will not be flying in a fighter jet but you will be kitted out in a military flying suit along with your very own name badge. You will be instructed by RAF trained pilots and you WILL get to take the controls of a 300bhp, 9-litre powered flying machine for most of the flight. Join a simulated mid-air combat, fly formation manoeuvres and experience tail chasing...the most dangerous game of "tag" you have ever played.

Fighter pilot experience gift

Experiencing g-force and the most thrilling flight of your life doesn't come cheap but this great gift will surly provide an unforgettable experience.

Find out more about the ultimate top gun experience from the fantastic team at Virgin Experience Days.

2 for 1 Zapcat Powerboat Experience

A Zapcat experience is definitely not as silly as it sounds. This powerboat ride is unlike any other, sure most powerboats can go really fast but few will have you hanging on for dear life. A Zapcat is a very lightweight boat which skims the surface of the water at 50mph, but the best part is when you get some air. Given the right conditions these boats can leap up to 6ft in the air, that's some extreme hang time.

Zapcat powerboat gift experiencePowerboat experience day

To give someone the ride and scare of their lives check out this Zapcat Powerboat Gift, once again from Virgin Experience Days.


This is probably the closest you will ever get to experiencing life in a hamster wheel. Thankfully you can share that experience with a friend as you both tumble down a hill in a giant inflatable ball. Expect to be in a fit of giggles as you turn over one another at 30mph before reaching a soft landing at the bottom.

This is possibly the safest experience here as you are fully strapped in and protected by a 3 foot cushion of air but it is extremely fun. Just getting into the womb of the Zorb will have you in stitches!

Zorbing gift experience for twoZorb experience day

The Zorb experience lasts between 1 and 2 hours and we are told provides an excellent hangover cure. Learn more about this Zorbing Gift from the official Buyagift website.

Tank Driving and Military day

Feel great, crush a car! When is the last time you crushed a car? Unless you are Godzilla probably not for a while. Thankfully you can get one step closer with this Tank driving experience. You will get to drive the familiar sounding Russian Grozdilka tank which has excellent crushing capabilities

But this is so much more than just a tank driving experience, this is a full military activity day. Apart from driving tanks you will also take control of an all-terrain 4 track Hagglund, a FV 432 armoured personnel carrier and a Rapier rocket launcher. As well as the obligatory firing of muskets and mortars in between.

Tank driving experience dayMilitary gift experience

Become a real life solider with this Military activity day from Red Letter Days, we guarantee you will look dangerous in a camouflage suit and helmet.

Bonus Gift: The Shark Tank

We have decided to turn the adrenaline levels up to 11 with this extra experience involving Sharks with lasers. Actually just Sharks, but the Sharks are definitely real along with their big sharp teeth. Take the plunge at The Blue Planet Aquarium where you will be greeted in the warm waters by a number of sharks such as the Sand Tiger Shark and White Tip Sharks.

Make friends with a cuddly 3.2m Sand Tiger Shark weighing a hefty 350lbs, just make sure you don't get distracted as there will also be over 1500 various other fish including Stingrays.

Shark Diving Gift ExperienceShark Tank experience day

Jump into the deep end with this Shark Diving Experience for Virgin Experience Days.

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