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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids in 2021

06th Dec 2021


Are you looking for exciting and versatile gifts for the little ones in your life? Buying Christmas gifts for kids can be quite a hassle - one has to keep up with all the latest trends, be on top of how their interests change and what’s available to buy. Especially if you’re an auntie, uncle or grandparent and you can’t quickly check what sort of toys or games they already have, it’s very difficult to pick out something they’ll like. Sometimes they’ll even put something on their wishlist early on, and come Christmas, something else has caught their interest. The best way of avoiding disappointment and the hassle of returns is to let them choose themselves and perhaps even to make their gift balance stretch a bit further when they choose something from the Boxing Day and January sales! Sounds like a good idea? Let’s dive straight into our guide to the best Christmas gifts for kids 2021!



Wrap Them Up Warm


Clothes are certainly among the most useful presents for boys and girls alike, but also among the most returned ones. Apart from the issue of whether the clothes will fit, and for how long, there is the question of whether the fabric feels comfortable, and, of course, if the child would have chosen the same ones, had they had a choice. With one of our top fashion gift cards, though, none of these concerns are an issue! One of our adidas gift cards, or a JD Sports gift card, for example, make great gifts for boys and girls who are into big brands. Whether they like staying on top of the latest trends in sportswear or enjoy some durable comfy lounge wear, these big brand gift cards are sure to have them jumping for joy. If they really love their Disney merch, a Primark gift card would be the perfect choice. Looking for something special for a very young lady or gentleman? Then the high-quality, specialised childrenswear range they can choose from with our Trotters gift cards will not disappoint! Not only do these gift cards allow the little ones to browse hundreds of items to pick their favourite, but they will also be a chance for the child to spend their balance wisely. When it’s a gift, they won’t want to waste it!



Treat Them to Toys


Christmas toys are another very popular gift. There is nothing more magical than the prospect of some great playtime ahead when they find a toy they love under the tree. If you aren’t sure which toy they would currently love to get for Christmas or if they would like a toy that is slightly over budget, then an Entertainer gift card would make a lovely Christmas gift for girls and boys. Being able to spend the gift cards in the sales after Christmas could allow them to buy a toy that otherwise would have been too expensive. Whether they are into crafting, action figures, dolls, games or soft toys, at The Entertainer they are sure to find it all. If the little ones are very little still, a Jojo Maman Bébé gift card could be just right for them. From wooden toy sets to entire child-size play kitchens or work benches, JoJo Maman Bébé have a great quality range of toys for them to choose from for extra joy on Christmas Day!



Get Them Gaming


For the little gamers in your life, a gift card can be the key to unlocking digital games, subscriptions and features in games, such as Roblox. One of our Xbox gift cards, for example, can be used to pay for the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultra, which allows them to play with their friends online, making this one of the most popular Christmas presents for boys and girls. Surprise a gamer for Christmas with an Xbox voucher, and they will be able to redeem it across the entire Microsoft online store. This means that they can use them as Roblox gift cards or Robux gift cards, to purchase items in-game, or they can order the latest equipment to enhance their gaming experience and perfectly fit their needs. Alternatively, you could consider getting them a Google Play gift card, if they enjoy playing games on the go on their phone. Redeemable across many popular games, such as Pokémon Go, this gift card is certainly among the best Christmas gifts for children this year!



Hype Up Their Hobbies


From music and reading to crafting and sports, you can support their hobby with a gift card. If they enjoy knitting, crocheting or papercraft, for example, they’ll be able to get all the supplies they want with a Hobbycraft gift card. If they can’t get enough of listening to music, a Spotify gift card or an iTunes voucher will allow them to listen to their heart’s delight. If they like reading with a hot chocolate on long, cold nights, or perhaps if you’d like to show them how wonderful a hobby reading is, then a Waterstones gift card or National Book Tokens are the best way of supporting this hobby. When they can choose what they’d like to read, they are much more likely to finish the book as well, making the joy of the gift last so much longer. Other great gift vouchers for kids include SportsDirect gift cards and Decathlon vouchers for those boys and girls who enjoy sports or perhaps cycle to school. With their expert advice and top quality products, these retailers have everything an active kid could want. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for teenagers, a Ticketmaster gift card could fulfil their dreams of seeing their favourite band or singer.



Don’t give an unwanted gift this year. Let them choose something they really want with a gift card from their favourite brand. The best bit? They’re only a few clicks away from their inbox, so you can ping them a present up to the last minute before Christmas, no matter how far away you live.

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