During Halloween there are two types of people. Those who love being scared and those who pretend they love being scared.

If you do not enjoy jumping out of your skin then please...please avoid, the following experiences as we rate them to be the scariest, most bone chilling, toe curling, blood curdling Halloween activities in the UK.

Zombie Battle London

In case you had not noticed Zombies are having a huge revival. In fact they are currently the biggest thing since sliced brains. You might be someone who can see the lovable side of Zombies, with their bumbling, lurching ways. “Those DUMB zombies”, I hear you say.

Zombie Survival London

Well you probably have not come face to face with a Zombie recently. They are actually a little bit quicker than you thought and a whole lot angrier. If you don't believe us then book yourself into the Zombie Battle Experience in the heart of London. This brand new experience lets you battle with Zombies in an epic 3.5 hours gore fest, you will get to see the dazed menace in their eyes up close and personal. No one can prepare your for your first Zombie encounter. Are you brave enough to stand your ground or will you run like a school girl?

Find out more about the Zombie Battle London experience from the twisted people at Wish.co.uk

The London Dungeons

The London Dungeons are about to get a little bit scarier this Halloween with their newest mischievous character “The Trickster”. Putting the TRICK into "Trick or Treat". The Trickster will be welcome and shocking all visitors to the Dungeons with some devilish pranks.

If you make it past the trickster and his dastardly ways then you may just survive the other ghoul-some characters lurking in the Dungeons. Meet Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd and of course the fearsome Rat Catcher and his horde of live rats.

After a day of scares you will probably want to relax. Thankfully the London Dungeons have a number of placid rides. Extremis and the Boat Ride to Hell should help you unwind!

London Dungeons Halloween 2012

Buy your London Dungeons tickets online and receive a fantastic discount for all the Halloween events.

Alton Towers Scarefest

The famous Alton Towers Scarefest is back for another year with only one mission. Scare the living daylights out of anyone brave enough to enter! This year the scarefest offers a brand new attraction called "The Sanctuary" which promises to test your fear threshold to the maximum, book an appointment at The Sanctuary and get to know some of the other long-term patients!

Alton Towers Scarefest

The Scarefest also welcomes back its most popular attractions such as the Tower of Terror, which is rumored to house a number of unforgiving vampires and also The Carnival of Screams, a twisted circus, which we are told will help anyone overcome their fear of clowns...or possibly make that fear 10x worse.

The 2012 Scarefest at Alton Towers can be booked online for more information and ticket prices check the official website.

Ghost Hunting Experience

Fancy getting acquainted with the paranormal? Then a evening of ghost hunting might be exactly what you are looking for. This spooky hunt is located in one of Britain's most haunted buildings, so whether you are a professional, part-time or complete beginner you will surely find some ghostly going ons.

Taking you on the tour through this 9 hour visit is an experienced paranormal investigator as well as a clairvoyant medium both of whom will help you reach out and communicate to the otherside. Throughout the evening you will take part in a number of psychic experiments, séances and vigils in the buildings most haunted areas.

Ghost hunting in the UK

You will also be fully briefed on how to use your ghostbusters hunting equipment which will help you detect even the shyest of ghosts.

Do you have the nerve to witness what roams the corridors of Britain's most haunted buildings? You can choose from 9 different haunted locations around the UK. Choose one of the Ghost Hunting Experiences online, good luck fearless hunter!

Warewolf Experience

There is a Werewolf on the loose and it is your job to protect the residents of Droitwich, yes apparently they DO need protecting. For your own safety you will be provided with a stab vest, gloves and some light armour. Light is key here because you will need to be very light on your toes.

Wolfman Experience

The grotesque snarling Werewolf figure has been spotted on a number of occasions by local residents, however it is now feared that there is more than one Werewolf. This is why you and your team must tread carefully, but don’t worry it won’t be too difficult to spot a Werewolf figure emerging from the shadows. It will be a lot tricker to figure out just how to stop this big bad wolf and his snarling buddies. Good luck, you may need it!

Find out more about the Werewolf Experience on our review page.

Murder Mystery Evening

You can’t beat a good ol’ who done it. This murder mystery evening located in a number of the UK's creepiest locations will have you on tenterhooks as you discover one of your dinner parties guests has had the unfortunate encounter with a silent assassin. But the question is can you figure out which dinner guest did the unimaginable deed?

This 3 course meal takes you on a whirlwind adventure from start to finish. As the night progresses the plot unravels. You will get to mingle with a number of suspicious characters but who is the the culprit? A number of scenes from throughout the night will be re-enacted giving you a few clues but don’t always judge a book by its cover, keep an eye over your shoulder, because sometimes it is those you least expect!

We are also told the food is to die for! So why not book your Murder Mystery Evening this Halloween and see if you can help solve the mystery.

The Crypts London

Formally known as the "London Bridge Experience" and "London Tombs", The Crypts is London's newest attraction where it is Halloween every day of the year. Embark on a journey through the darker side of London with haunting scenes from a time when the city and its inhabitants were locked in a struggle of survival. Watch as the great fire of London takes hold before descending into the gothic tunnel where you will see first hand, just how gruesome London was. You will get to smell, taste, feel and hear London throughout the ages.

London Bridge Experience

With every turn The Crypts offer a thrilling adventure with hollywood style effects that will amaze, scare and excite. The Crypts were formally a plague pit so be careful where you step. The sights and smell will be unbearable at times as you squeeze through confined spaces and rub against blood splattered walls. Get ready for a pulse racing ride through the history of London. Who knows in between the shocks and horrors you might actually learn something.

You can book official London Crypts tickets online in a matter of minutes. Book early and take advantage of the great family prices.

Thorpe Park Fright Nights

Thorpe Park are inviting only the bravest Men and Women to it’s PENITENTIARY for a night of twisted events in the high security prison. The Penitentiary houses some of the most dangerous and deranged criminals all of whom were locked in solitary confinement. Many of these criminals never expected to see another sane human being again. You can imagine just how excited they will be to see their very first visitor. Enjoy a night where the inmates literally run wild!

SAW Experience Thorpe Park

If the Penitentiary is not enough then Thopre Park have enlisted the help of yet more disturbing individuals with chilling scenes at “The Asylum” and “Experiment 10 Laboratory”. There is also the infamous SAW ALIVE Horror Maze, which is said to be the World’s most extreme live action horror maze. Make your way through 6 gruesome rooms as your experience the most horrific scenes from the SAW movies closer than you could imagine. Be prepared for a heart-stopping night with surprises at every turn.

Visit the official site to find out more about the Thorpe Park Fright Nights and book online to receive an exclusive discount.

Horror Camp Live

Even more horrific than backstage passes to a One Direction concert, Horror Camp Live will shake you to your very core! Remember the Blair Witch project? Well that was just a movie, this is a real overnight camping experience that is guaranteed to you have you shaking in your camping boots. Spend a night around the campfire with fellow victims who also have no idea what they have let themselves in for.

[prima_youtube id="FFnhx9bZCJs" width="480" height="360"]

Be under no impression that you will get a good nights sleep. Soon after darkness falls you will encounter a crazy cannibal named “Lockjaw” who savagaly attacked his own family. Because of this it was decided to attach a steel muzzle to his jawbone for everyones safety  But sometimes a steel jawbone is not enough to stop this deluded individual and his cannibalistic attacks. Prepare yourself for more than a few bumps in the night.

Visit the Horror Camp Live website and book your tickets before they all vanish.

Shocktober Fest Scream Park

Hidden away on the once quiet Tulley Farm in West Sussex lies a disturbing yearly event which evokes shirking screams of all who dare visit. The renowned Shoctoberfest has attracted a reputation as one of the most frightful events on the Halloween calendar.

[prima_youtube id="6g2Qji8mThg" width="480" height="360"]

Experience the Haunted Hayride where you may be unlucky enough to encounter the Woodsman. An individual described as a “Chainsaw wielding giant” by those who have been unfortunate enough to cross his path. There is also the Hell-Ements attraction which combines the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water along with some much darker elements.

The Shocktober Fest runs until the 3rd of November, visit their gory website to book your tickets.

Bonus: Visit Dracula's Castle

For this bonus Halloween activity you will have to leave the UK and go somewhere scarier than Croydon on a Saturday night.

This blood sucking break for two will take you to the bowls of Romania, Transylvania. YES it really does exist. As you may know Transylvania is home to the king of horror, Count Dracula.

On this amazing trip you will get to visit the stunning Bran Castle, possibly the scariest looking building in the World. This ancient fortified castle sits overlooking Transylvania and is thought to have housed Vlad the Impaler during his barbaric reign.

dracula's caslte

As well as visiting Bran Castle you will als be treated to the impressive ruins of Rasnov Fortress which offers breath taking panoramic views. You will also get to explore the medieval town of Brasov and Sinaia.

This once in a lifetime trip includes accommodation on a B&B basis, all transfers, welcome drink, Multilingual reps. For the full itinerary visit the Dracula's Castle booking page at Buyagift.

So there are our 10 most scariest things to do this Halloween. Are you brave enough to try one of these scary events? Clearly lots of people are because many of these events sell out quickly, book soon to avoid disappointment.

Happy Halloween!