giftcardpileThis summer bank holiday would be a great time to have a clear out and find all those gift vouchers you haven't used that you received for your birthday or last Christmas.

I say this because now is the best time to start your Christmas shopping for this year as there are only 4 more pay days until the big day!!

Wow thats only 125 days to go!!

Check the expiry dates on your gift cards or vouchers and take them along to the shops with you at the weekend.

You may even choose to give gift cards or gift vouchers to friends and family for Christmas as presents, but be careful you don't give them one they actually bought for you, that would be highly embarrassing.


I've been hearing about a lot of summer sales in all the big high street shops like Boots and department stores like Debenhams so you could pick up some great bargains and cheap stocking fillers, and because your using gift cards given to you as gifts, all your presents for this year could be absolutely free, now that my friends is a really cool thing.