Gift from the iTunes storeThe iTunes store offers the biggest collection of downloadable entertainment online, from iPhone applications to the latest music videos. If you have found something in the iTunes store you think would make a great gift then why not send it instantly to a friend or loved one.

Once you have found the perfect album, tv series or movie then you can select to buy it as a gift. Simply select the down arrow from the buy button.

On the following page select how you would like your gift to be delivered, you can enter the recipients email address along with a custom message. You can also choose to print a gift certificate yourself and give it to someone in person.

Use drop down button to give a gift

Once you have confirmed your purchase the gift will be sent or will be available to print.

Content which can be individually gifted includes:

  • Songs

  • Movies

  • TV Programms

  • TV Series

  • Audiobooks

  • iOS Applications (including games)

Please note that the recipient must have an iTunes account to download their gift. iTunes accounts are of course free and a new one can be created in seconds. Gifts can only be redeemed in the store country from which they were sent.

Have fun gifting in the iTunes store!