It is no secret that we love gift vouchers and gift cards, we think they make fantastic presents and we know lots of you love them as much as we do. In fact the number of gift cards and gift vouchers sold in the UK is getting bigger every year.

Just how big is the UK's Gift Card Economy?
Gift Card Economy Small
Well we did some research and found out that a whopping £4.5 billion worth of gift cards and gift vouchers are sold each year.

Surprisingly over half of all sales are to companies who commonly use gift cards and vouchers to reward their employees. So if you are lucky, you may receive a gift card from your boss this Christmas.

We also found out that 38% of shoppers in the UK have bought a gift card or voucher in the last 12 months, that is over 1/3 of all consumers.

Why do we love gift cards so much?

Flexibility and freedom! We want any gift we give to be well received and of course used. Too many presents go unloved, never to be seen again. In fact we found that 45% of people still had an unopened gift from the previous Christmas. Gift cards offers the recipient the chance to purchase something they are more likely to use and love.

Long gone are the days when gift vouchers were seen as lastminute or "unthoughtful". Here at we list a huge variety of exciting gifts that are far from boring. From Indoor Skydiving, Spa Day Pampering and even sponsorship of wild and rare animals. Gift vouchers can be both flexible and thoughtful.

So will you be giving a gift voucher this Christmas? Give them what they really want!

You can see all the data we found on the UK gift voucher economy in our fantastic gift card inforgraphic.