Send someone you care about a digital mixed tape. We admit it, this may not have the charm of a physical tape but then again we are not even sure you can buy cassette tapes anymore. So here is a quick lesson in how to send the modern day equivalent.

The easiest way to send a digital mixtape is via iTunes. The first step in creating your gift is selecting the songs you want to send. This can be done using iTunes playlists, to start with create a new playlist.

You can add songs or videos by dragging them into the playlist. Remember only songs that are available to purchase in the iTunes store can be gifted.

iTunes select Playlist

In fact you can also create a playlist made up of Albums, TV Series, Films, TV Episodes and even Audiobooks, giving you the ability to create a very unique compilation.

When you are happy with your playlist, select "Store" from the iTunes menu.

Then select "Share Playlist" from the dropdown menu.

iTunes share playlist

You will be then asked how you want to share your playlist, select "Gift".

iTunes select gift playlist

On the following page you can enter the gift recipients email and also a personal message, follow the on-screen instructions until payment is complete.

You have just successfully sent a digital playlist! A gift we are sure the recipient will love.