Segway Rally ExperienceSegway Rally Experiences are the perfect gift for anyone looking for a great day out, perfect for families, couples and groups. This fun experience lets you take control of your very own Segway and enjoy an adventure ride through the specially designed Segway rally course.

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Navigate your way through the course taking on bumps, dips and sharp corners while also keeping an eye out for any trees which may get in your way.

Segway’s can hit speeds of 20km/h giving you a unique sensation as you motor along the course fully upright. Segway’s are easy to control with dynamic stabilisation built-in making it very difficult to fall over. This makes a Segway rally experience perfect for children and big kids alike.

What is a Segway?

Segway’s, also known as Personal Transporters, or small personal vehicles ideal for single-use on a number of different terrains. Controlling a Segway is designed to be as natural as possible. Simply lean in the direction you want to go with more are less weight to determine the speed. Leaning forward slightly will direct you forward at a slower pace than leaning heavily. You can turn sharply by using the handlebars which will change direction.

All Segway’s are powered by electricity making them a greener transport solution. Segway’s can offer varying levels of top speeds depending on the model, many can reach speeds of 13 miles per hours.

In the UK Segway’s are not permitted to drive on roads but they are perfect for taking on off-road rugged terrain.

  • 12 UK Locations
Segway UK MapLondon & South East
Alexandra Palace, London
Bray Lake, Windsor
Horsham, Sussex
Grafham Water, Cambridge
Mallory Park, Leicestershire
Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire
Tamworth, Nr. Birmingham
Tatton Park, Cheshire
Temple Sowerby, Cumbria
Ripley Castle, North Yorkshire
South West
Chepstow, Gloucestershire
Carberry Tower, Lothian
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