Smartbox Michelin Star Dining for Two
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Smartbox Michelin Star Dining for Two

A Michelin star is the hallmark of fine dining, representative of exceptional food, magnificent presentation and outstanding service. The Smartbox Michelin Star Dining for Two Gift Box offers recipients the opportunity to dine at one of 27 Michelin Star awarded restaurants across the country. The available locations range from an idyllic hotel on the Cumbrian coastline to Gordon Ramsey’s trendy Mayfair restaurant Maze.

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This impressive gift for two would be an ideal anniversary gift, allowing the happy couple to enjoy a gourmet meal a stunning location. It would also make a thoughtful engagement gift, giving the couple a wonderful opportunity to discuss wedding plans over a glass of quality champagne and perfect prepared dishes.

It’s not just couples who can enjoy the Smartbox Michelin Star Dining for Two Gift Box, this gift is perfect for a mother and daughter meal or a meeting of two old friends, providing them with the opportunity to catch up and reminisce in a luxurious setting.

You can choose to have the Gift Box sent directly to your recipient, or you can receive it yourself to give in person at the appropriate time. The Smartbox Michelin Star Dining for Two Gift Box includes a guidebook including details of the available venues, so that your recipients can make the wonderful decision of where to go.

Each location provides a different experience, while one may offer a seven course gastronomic tasting menu another will restaurant will boast five courses of modern French cuisine. The many diverse and enticing options available mean that there is sure to be something to satisfy all tastes.

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