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Tank Paintball Leicestershire

Experience the thrill of driving a 15-ton armoured tank while taking fire from the opposing team in this all out Tank battle. This is the ultimate combat experience putting you and your friends in the middle of the battlefield.

In this case the battlefield is a former WWII bombing range, situated in the Leicestershire countryside. Here you will experience the adrenaline of driving, aiming and loading a FV432 Tank. Each tank is made up of 3 members who will rotate tasks during the experience. Go from regular civilian to Elite Tank commander as you try to outwit the enemy.

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Start the day by getting kitted out in full military uniform, including helmet. After being introduced to your fellow crew members and instructor you will be taken to your Tank where each member will have the opportunity to drive the tank, aim the cannon, load the breach and of course, fire the Tanks cannon located on the front turret.

After some quick target practice and tactical planning you will be ready to meet your enemy for the first time. When the guns start firing be prepared for all out warfare and non-stop action!

The experience lasts approximately 2 hours.

This is the perfect gift for groups and individuals who are looking for an unforgettable experience which they won’t want to end.

The Tank Paintball Leicestershire experience is located in Lutterworth.


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