Guide Dogs Sponsor a Puppy Gift
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Guide Dogs Sponsor a Puppy Gift

Do you know somebody who is an ardent animal lover? Then why not Sponsor A Puppy on their behalf? This wonderful sponsorship package will allow your recipient to enjoy supporting an adorable puppy on its significant journey to becoming a guide dog. The Sponsor A Puppy programme funds puppies in becoming fully qualified guide dogs who will eventually become cherished companions to one of the many blind or partially sighted people in the UK.

Sponsor a Puppy Gift

The Sponsor A Puppy gift sponsorship can be paid by a monthly direct debit of £4.33 or with a single payment of £104. Upon joining, your chosen recipient will receive a beautiful photo card of the puppy, a photo album, a window sticker and a gorgeous puppy calendar. They will also receive a special certificate in their name to celebrate the sponsorship.

You are able to choose from 3 delightful puppies, and there are 3 new puppies to be sponsored every three months. The sponsorship lasts for 24 months, and during that time the recipient will receive regular updates regarding the training of the guide dog puppy as well as photographs and videos charting the progress and growth of the puppy.

Recipients can also access the Sponsor A Puppy website, where they can read blog posts by Puppy Walkers and volunteers, and read touching stories from some of the blind and partially sighted people who have already been paired with their first guide dog.

After 20 months of training, the guide dog puppy will be matched with their blind or partially sighted owner, who they will be with for up to 7 years. For a special birthday gift, give a Sponsor A Puppy gift sponsorship and give your recipient 24 months of warm, fuzzy feelings.

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