London Clink Overnight Ghost Hunt – Halloween Exclusive

Do you know someone interested in a spine chilling ghost hunt for Two in the heart of London City at one of Britain’s oldest Prisons?

The Hunt takes place between 9 pm and 3 am the following morning……if you dare stay that long at The Clink London and does not include any overnight accommodation so you cant escape off to your hotel if you get too frightened.

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Dating back to 1144 the Clink is Britain’s oldest known prison and was a place of torture and rechid misery, hosing some of the most notorious criminals in the early years of British history.

Paranormal activity is said to creep among the walls of this fearful jail. There is a lady said to clunk around the corridors with chains, glasses that randomly smash on their own, and doors that spookily bang closed, obviously by all the past tenants of this spooked gaol.

Join an expert of the paranormal team who will accompany you on your 7 hour torturous hunt and carry out vigils and seances so you can experience the eerie chilling activity of this historic London venue.


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