London Zoo Adopt an Animal

London Zoo Animal Adoption

Adopting an animal at London Zoo makes a fantastic gift for any animal lover. You can choose from a range of 10 animals all of which live at the Zoo.

When you adopt an animal the lucky recipient will be sent an attractive presentation folder which holds a Welcome letter, Personalised colour certificate, Latest copy of Wild About magazine, Colour photograph of your animal and of course one free entry ticket to london Zoo so they can visit their new sponsored animal.

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There is also the opportunity to subscribe to email updates about your animal and online subscription to Wild About magazine

Here are the current 10 animals which you can adopt, knowing that your support will help look after the animal for many years to come.

  • Pipsqueak the meerkat
  • Ellish the giraffe
  • Ricky the rockhopper penguin
  • Bounty the squirrel monkey
  • Kiyo and Misha our loved-up aardvarks
  • Harri the Otter
  • Thug the pygmy hippo
  • Lucifer the Asian lion
  • Mjukuu the western lowland gorilla
  • Raja the Komodo dragon

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