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According to reports there is a wolfman on the loose, last sighted in Droitwich, UK. Local residents have reported hearing unfamiliar howling and snarling at night. Some even claim to have seen large half-man, half-wolf like creatures under the moonlight.

The threat from these aggressive and vicious wolfmen is now so serious that the local police force is calling for brave individuals to help combat this uncontrollable menace, which if left for too long, could prove un-stoppable.

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We would like to tell you this is a figment of our imagination…but it’s not.

You and friends can now take on the wolfmen in this terrifying experience day which will have your heart pumping and your pupils as big as biscuits. This overnight experience immerses you and your team in the chaos of a live wolfman hunt. Don’t expect too much sleep as things could get a little hairy during the night!

At the start of the evening you will be fully briefed from your base where you will receive the necessary kit, including a stab vest, safety spectacles and gloves. Soon after you will start your evening stroll through dark and dingy corridors with clear signs of disturbance at every turn.

We are told these animals react aggressively to the call “here wolfie, wolfie”

The Werewolf Experience is brought to you by the twisted team at Wish.co.uk, they are the crazy people who also bought you the famous Zombie Experience, so you are definitely in un-safe hands with these guys.

Thankfully they make booking this experience day a lot less scary, they have thousands of fantastic customer reviews and a painless ordering system which allows you to receive your gift voucher by post or email.

Be one of the first wolf-chasers in the UK to experience and see the wolfmen up close!

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