Kindle Gift Card
Kindle vouchers are a fantastic present for any Amazon Kindle owner. With a Kindle gift voucher the recipient can choose to buy from thousands of kindle e-books, ranging from classics to the latest bestsellers.

Kindle gift cards also offer fantastic flexibility as they never expire and can be used to purchase any product listed on the Amazon UK website, including non-kindle items.

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Purchase Gift Vouchers

When choosing a posted gift card you can pick from a range of designs and values from £10 to £500.

If you choose to email or print a kindle gift voucher you can choose any amount starting at only £1. For more information on email or printing a kindle gift certificate see the information panel to the right of the page.

Can I gift individual Kindle ebooks?

Unfortunately at the present time you cannot gift individual ebooks via the website. However the facility to gift ebooks is available to users with U.S registered Kindles. We hope Amazon will make this functionality available to UK customers soon.

How are Kindle Vouchers redeemed?

All kindle gift cards and vouchers can easily be redeemed by the recipient in seconds. The gift card holder must have an Amazon account in order to redeem their gift.

  • Visit your Amazon account page.
  • Click “Apply a Gift Certificate to your account.”
  • Enter your unique claim code and click “Redeem now”. Your funds will automatically be applied to your next order.

All kindle gift cards come with full instructions, making them easy and simple to use.

3 ways to send a Kindle Voucher

Emailing a kindle gift voucher is the quickest way to give the gift of reading. The recipient can receive your gift from anywhere in the world in seconds, all you need is an e-mail address.

You can also choose to schedule when your email gift is sent meaning you can plan multiple birthdays ahead of time and never forget an important date.e-mail Gift Card

If you want to give a gift in person then printing a kindle certificate is a great way. You can choose from a range of fantastic looking book themed certificates. Ordering and printing is quick so within seconds you have a thoughtful gift ready to give to anyone.Print Gift Card
If you prefer to deliver a physical gift card you can take advantage of Amazon’s rapid 1 day delivery on all gift cards. Another reason to post a kindle gift cards is that one day delivery is now free.

Posted Kindle gift cards are presented with a gift card and envelope.

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